Our health check aims for extending life. The target is to recognise and identify a possible disease before they build up first symptoms. Because of the early treatment they are usually easier to treat. For example, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes mellitus.

We offer the following services

  • Examination of your psychophysically status
  • Ultraschalluntersuchung der Bauchorgane, Schilddrüse und Dopplersonographie der Gefäße
  • ECG and stress ECG
  • ABI System (early detection of arteriosclerosis)
  • Laboruntersuchungen
  • Früherkennung von Blasen- und Nierenkrebs
  • H2 – breath test
  • Sensewear Celerometer (for calculation of burnt calories and their direct energy as a part of our nutritional medicine))
  • Heart check
  • Brain check
  • Lipid check

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