General Medicine

It’s important for us to offer an all-round service based on the patients individual needs. In the area of general medicine we maintain a synthesis of classic & innovative medicine as a tool to treat our patients in the best possible way. We also coordinate the results of your visits to other medical specialist. We are here for you in the long term.


To optimise your training to your specific needs and health status, we offer a wide range of diagnostic tools. Which one’s the perfect for you? We will find out together!

Our Spectrum

Diagnosis & Therapy

Case history / physical examination / ultrasonic / laboratory / ECG

Sports Medicine

Ergometry / lung function

Migraine Therapy

Prevention / cephaly

Stress reduction

Qui-Gong /Tai Chi /meditation


Qiu-Ball / Biofeedback

Additional services

School and proffesional career consultation / Ultraprevention – our program for a healthy lifestyle.

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Here you can comfortably order a prescription online and download important documents.

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Important downloads & documents


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